Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Campbell River Homeless Hope to Winter in Shipping Containers

Paul Mason, the Program Manager for Campbell River Housing Resource Centre in British Columbia is the man behind the idea to build temporary shelters out of shipping containers for the homeless in the area. 

The converted shipping containers will provide safer and more dignified housing for the homeless by replacing the cardboard boxes, tents, and dirty blankets the homeless sleep in. Hundreds of thousands ISO shipping containers lie disused in Canada and North America. Turning these containers into eco-friendly, low cost and safe housing for the homeless and others in need is only logical.

Mason is working on a project to provide up to 16 homeless people a safe place to stay inside a single 40-foot shipping container. The container rooms are heated, lit and provide hot water, while they also come equipped with smoke detectors and bathrooms that are accessible to the handicapped. The shipping container is subdivided into eight rooms for the homeless with two beds per room. There is also an office for two trained staff members so someone could be on site to admit and care for the homeless seeking shelter.


Anonymous said...

Innovative use for surplus containers crowding Canadian and USA port cities. Potentially solves two problems in these metro areas.

Anonymous said...

Great Idea, only many States don't allow containers as structural elements for modular construction. ie nj, ri, mn, nd,ga

also in order to meet IBC there are many requirements and this become expensive.

one picture shows no insulations , this certainly is acceptable to any building official
what's the use group.?