Monday, January 20, 2014

Clayton Homes Running Some Really Dumb Commercials

Si talks like a redneck and stars in Duck Dynasty but I think Clayton Homes is making a big mistake showing these commercials. Not only is it making HUD housing look cheap, it is going back in time when single wides were only $17K and included a 46" rear projection TV.

I think there are better ways for Clayton to associate themselves with Duck Dynasty other than having Si tell people this load of crap. Kevin Clayton looks like he wants to get away from this video shoot as fast as he can. Very uncomfortable looking.

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Harris said...

If your idea of market penetration includes locking up the backwoods HUD market, then great. There is a huge market for producing good, cheap homes. This video is the way to go.

If you think that market penetration should involve promoting the better quality, build speed, and inherent green features that modular construction offers, then this video, well, SUCKS.

Again - this is great marketing for just one segment of our industry. Unfortunately, this segment happens to be the crudest segment on the Performance Totem Pole that we're trying erect.

Great post, coach!