Thursday, January 2, 2014

Irontown Homes Looking at a Great Future Under New Ownership

For more than 30 years, Irontown Homes in Spanish Fork, UT has been building the high end fully custom prefab homes. The new owners want to not only keep that tradition alive but are expanding their name by adding authorized builders and Architects.

Irontown Homes has been purchased by KEB Homes, a division of KEB Enterprises, LP, a private equity firm in Lehi, UT. a holding company that seems to have quite a few food related companies in its' list of acquisitions. This seems to be their first into housing.

“We’re excited about the long-term opportunities we have in front of us with Irontown Homes,” KEB Homes owner Kenneth E. Brailsford said about the recent purchase.

KEB plans to continue operating with a focus on the values Irontown Homes has always believed in since they were set forth by founder Richard Valgardson more than 25 years ago.

Irontown Homes specializes in building pre-fabricated homes that can be customized by the customer or their architect to meet design goals; from custom floor plans to unique finishes. Irontown’s approach to modularization of a customer’s vision without sacrificing design or quality will remain the focus for each home built. To learn more about building with Irontown Homes, contact Kam Valgardson.

Irontown Homes will continue to operate out the 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Spanish Fork, Utah while serving the Western United States. Irontown Homes is one of a few factories in the West building completely custom modular homes. They have been known for decades as a prefab factory that sells and builds high end custom homes directly to their customers. Their top level homes are in the $1 – 3 million range. Now they have added several well known modular home builders including Cutting Edge Homes as authorized builders.


sheri Koones said...

I'm happy to hear Irontowon will continue to operate, They have built some beautiful and efficient houses.
Good luck to them!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope the new irontown can help out all the creditors left behind from the old irontown days.

Anonymous said...

maybe the new irontown can do better by their customers - old irontown left a swath of hurt in california.