Saturday, January 4, 2014

Modular Builder Uses Social Media and TV Coverage Effectively

Harris Woodward, owner of Finish Werks Custom Green Builder in Savage, MD, took on a job that many small home builders would shy away from. He built a modular church.

Unlike building a home or a commercial project where you only have a couple people watching your every move, he had hundreds of worshipers and Oh My, a committee. Preparing for the new church for almost 3 years, Christmas brought a new modular church to their site in Maryland.

Harris, a veteran of using social media and TV coverage knew that this would be a perfect project to showcase his company's talents as well as the range of projects that modular construction can achieve.

His YouTube video shows both a very good time lapse view of the church modules being built and set but at the end of that segment there is video of the TV coverage. Many builders take video of their projects but very few call the local news media to be there. Good show Harris.

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Anonymous said...

Kudos to all in planning, designing, erecting, and completing this project.