Saturday, February 27, 2016

Banderas Buys 6,000 sq ft Prefab Home in England

Actor Antonio Banderas, 55, recently bought a $3.3million, 6,000 sq ft, five-bedroom home, in Cobham,England, which he has described as a 'magical' setting.

The following photos of the actor's stunning home, taken before he moved in, showcase the enchanting property. The prefabricated home, by German building firm Huf Haus, is an impressive design feat in wood and glass - and it's eco-friendly, too.

Huf Haus has now built over 200 homes in the UK.

Enjoy the home:


Anonymous said...

Huf Haus delivers an excellent product assembled like timber frame on site under the direct supervision and technical teams of the factory.

Sheri Koones said...

Huf Haus builds beautiful and efficient houses. I included one of theirs in my Prefabulous World book.

cadenjacoby said...

Wow, this home is so beautiful. I really loved it. Entire structure is well planned. I was amazed to know that such beautiful homes are available at affordable prices in Dove mountain real estate. We just bought an apartment over there for my parents and they loved it.