Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Can You Afford to Have a Facebook Page?

You heard that Facebook is a great way to get your modular home business in front of a lot of new home buyers. You spent an entire 15 minutes setting up your own Facebook page. You put a couple of pictures on it showing one of your homes being delivered and set on the foundation. Then you got called away and forgot about your page for a few days.

By the time you got back to it you saw you had 3 “Likes” and wondered why hundreds didn’t like your page. You put an entire 15 minutes into it and only 3 people liked it including your spouse, your office manager and someone that lives 1,500 miles away.

To be brutally honest, there is no shortcut to success on Facebook. You need to be updating your page at least 3-5 times a week with information that your followers will like and hopefully post to their Pinterest pages.

How do you get your new ‘friends’ to interact with you on Facebook? What does it take to spark more engagement?

While it’s relatively easy to get people to like and share posts, it takes creativity to drive comments and dialog.

Asking your fans questions may get some response. But if you really want to inspire engagement, take things up a notch.

You are in the modular home industry. Asking a question like, “What’s your favorite style of home?” could be so basic that fans might not bother to answer. Ask a similar question with multiple-choice answers, illustrated by a collage of good looking home styles, and you’re likely to get plenty of responses.

Another way to improve your interaction with Facebook visitors to your site is to start a conversation. 

Start talking directly to your visitors offering help in choosing a design that fits their housing needs. At least once a week, make a statement about a home building topic (it doesn’t need to about modular) and offer to answer their questions as an expert. Maybe it could be about a simple way to build energy savings into their new home or tankless water heaters or whatever. Be prepared to check your Facebook page every couple of hours for questions and answer them quickly.

When you start one-on-one conversations on Facebook and focus on the quality of these interactions, you will not only get more engagement with your own posts, you will have more fun too.

80% of your posts should be socially focused:
  • Talk about modular industry news
  • Share articles from other people you admire
  • Interact with comments and customers
  • Discuss your community's concerns and questions
  • Showcase events you are attending or have attended
  • Cross-promote with credible people of influence
  • Share past and present posts from your business blog. You do have a blog don’t you?

In addition to this, only 20 percent of your posts should be strictly promotional, talking about your homes and services, with clear call to actions.

How about promoting a local cause like a regional food bank or winter coat drive? Keeping it local will show you care about your community. Promote it once a week for a couple of weeks and then choose another charity or cause. Keep it relevant to your market area.

Be sure to add a personality to your Facebook page posts.

Storytelling is also a great way to connect with your fans & boost Facebook engagement. And what better way to connect than by adding your personality to each post? Establishing a personality & voice for your home building business is critical for any Facebook content strategy.

People remember Facebook pages that connect with them on a personal level -- and have personal charisma!

And finally, be creative.

What is the purpose of a Facebook page if not to be creative & offer value?

I see so many modular builders making the mistake of not doing this -- mostly by posting too many ads about their products or services. Stop it.

Sure, these ads may be valuable to some -- but chances are most people don't care.

All this will be in vain if you are not prepared to put about 4-8 hours a week into your Facebook page. Any less than that and you will probably be better off posting pictures of puppies, kittens and food.

If you make the commitment to having a good Facebook page for your business, then you need to put in the time and effort to make it a success. It will take a little time before people find you but when your website starts getting more visitors and people actually call you for an appointment to go over their new home plans, it will be worth all the effort and time invested.

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