Monday, March 14, 2016

Blu Homes Ready to Unveil 3 New Models

Two things that one normally doesn't see in the same sentence is "lower prices" and Blu Homes. But that may change on April 15th. Who knew it was even possible.

A big unveiling of 3 new models will take place at their factory on April 15th with an anticipated crowd of hundreds. Wine and Cheese for everyone! These new homes are still luxury and green but hopefully the lower prices will allow them to once again venture outside northern California. One can only hope.

The first is the Lofthouse which we have seem before in an article from 2013. It was mediocre looking back then and hopefully the new version will be a winner.

The Lofthouse

They are also introducing the Modern Farmhouse. Unfortunately there is no picture of it on Google or on the Blu Homes website. I'll bet it is a very nice house.

The third home being introduced, the Mini Lotus, appears to be targeting the Tiny House people that can afford +/- $300 a sq ft. Hopefully it won't be next to a park model or a $30,000 RV in the campground.

The Mini Lotus

Good Luck Maura and Bill on what should be a great event and hopefully a lot of sales.


Harris Woodward said...

Great looking homes. I'm thinking Irontown can do the same expansive fenestration with wood framing vs. Blu's exotic steel framing. Considering wood is more typical and widely used, it's a good lesson in engineering those walls of glass. On the flip side, glass is one lousy insulator!

Anonymous said...

this seems like exciting times for Blu with the unveiling of new products. Why then is the owner removing himself as the CEO and moving back to his hometown of Boston? Is this a case of the captain abandoning the ship? We can only wonder...