Monday, March 14, 2016

Getting People to "Buzz" about your Business

Unless you lived under a rock for the past 6 months with no outside communication, you’ve heard of Donald Trump. Love him or hate him, people are ‘buzzing’ about him in the office, the living room, in bars and I bet they even talk about him at girl scout meetings.

That’s buzz. And if people aren’t talking about your business, you’re going to tank. It’s that simple.

Marketing and generating buzz are some of the most challenging aspects of running a modular home business. You need loyal buyers in order to drive you to the top. There might be people out there just waiting for you to build their new home, but you need to get it in front of them!

Buzz or word-of-mouth marketing is best described as “people talking about you.” Has a friend recently recommended a restaurant or a hairdresser or told you to watch a crazy YouTube video? Has a business connection suggested a new online service that will help you with accounting?

That’s people talking about companies. That’s buzz.

The beauty of buzz is that it can happen organically and lasts forever. If people are talking about you, your work is done. Not only that, it’s free.

Why Buzz beats paid advertising
Run an advertising campaign for a week, and the campaign is gone on Monday. Vanished. You can’t find it because it’s run, and it’s over. But get people talking on blogs and message boards, and it stays there FOREVER!

One of the keys to visibility is getting in the press, but you don’t have to hire a PR firm to do that.

It seems like magic, but buzz is something you can generate yourself. How do you get people to talk?

Run away from the conventional
Differentiate yourself. If you do what every other builder does, you’re not worth talking about.

If you and your competitors all build homes in the same way with the same price points, then work to set yourself apart.

Write an article for the local newspaper, make a presentation at your children’s elementary school, create a beautiful website, or sponsor a charity event. Just DO SOMETHING that will get you noticed.

Storytelling is key. Even if your company sells homes that look like your competitors, you can tell stories that set you apart. If you started your company because you wanted to build energy efficient homes, talk about it with honesty and transparency. If you tried something and watched it fail, don’t be afraid to share. Everyone loves a good story—especially the press-- so make sure to have a few in your arsenal.

Learn how to create Buzz with the right people
If you want people to tell your story, write about you, praise you on review sites, and talk about you to their friends, then you better figure out how to talk about your business. Your job is to connect with influencers – to get the word out about your company. It’s all about doing things that get people talking and getting people to write about it. The more exposure you get, the better.

Sending one of your homes to Modcoach is a great way to generate buzz.

Pitch your story to local reporters to let them know about something interesting you’re doing. That’s the key – something INTERESTING. You don’t pitch the same old, same old. You pitch a story with relevant information that a blogger or reporter can turn into a great story. The more pitches you put out, the more people you’re in front of. Staying consistent is key because you want to develop a cycle of getting the right stories to the right writers.

Enlist your past new home buyers

Your customers are the ones who will recommend you to their friends and on social media, so it’s in your best interest to treat them well. It goes beyond building them a great home—you should have stellar support, build exceptional relationships, and go above and beyond your duty.

To entice and retain customers:
  • If you mess up, be proactive and apologize
  • Write handwritten thank you notes
  • Send out personalized gifts after you finish their home
  • Follow them on social media sites (Twitter, Facebook Google+, etc.)
  • Give them press so they’ll give you press by bragging about their home
  • Write about customers on your blog; start one if you don’t have one

Cherish each and every customer!

Be your own PR firm
If you’re not ready to jump in and talk about your company, then who else will be?

Everywhere you go and everyone you meet, talk about your homes. Talk, talk, talk, until you’re ready to drop.

Nobody will be as passionate about your homes as you are. Now go out there and create a buzz about them.

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