Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Guerdon Aims for the Stars and a Good Night’s Sleep

On February 17th, Lad Dawson, Guerdon’s CEO and his employees welcomed top hotel developers from Marriott International Hotels to Guerdon’s production facilities in Boise, ID to show them the production end where many of Marriott’s newest hotels will be built.

Lad Dawson greeting the Marriott Hotel folks
Marriott, the world’s largest hotel company chose Guerdon to partner with for many of their new hotels after realizing that Guerdon’s modular construction will save them time and money as well as producing consistent quality and green, energy saving modules..

A full day of factory tours, finished modules and seminars on modular construction best practices was well received by the Marriott folks.

A tip of the hat for all the hard work of the Guerdon team for not only aiming for the stars but actually doing it. I know Marriott will be pleased with what you will produce for them.

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