Sunday, March 20, 2016

Modular Housing a Little Different in Mississippi

A new modular home factory opened in Mississippi and their first home is scheduled to be built in Greenville. After changing their Code of Ordinances to allow these homes into the city, the home built by Modular House Development Group, will be delivered soon.

I could find no website for the group whose owners are from Estonia in Northeast Europe and have been in business for 12 years before starting building their own modular homes.

Normally if I can’t find a factory’s website I don’t go any further but when I came across a video of their house leaving the “factory” and being set at the site, I just had to share it. If it looks like a Tiny House and walks like a Tiny House, well, it must be a ........


Robert R said...

Coach, this is one of the dumbest videos you have ever posted. This house is a joke. It is being set on a lot with no visible utilites and the set of this little modular house is taking so long that night has fallen and they are working with flashlights.
This can't be a real modular factory.

Anonymous said...

To Robert R
Installation will take the house for an hour and it is a house with a concrete foundation .... a unique new technology that has not previously been in the United States.

Dan Hobbs said...

Coach, I know Mississippi. See
Dan Hobbs