Thursday, March 10, 2016

New England Boot Camp a Great Success

Venturing into New England for a Modular Boot Camp was a challenge. I wondered if the builders would like having an event just for them. Would they talk and network? Would they like the slow cooked ribs for lunch? Would they like to have another one next year?

Any concerns I had were quickly dispelled. The builders really like Boot Camp and I've never seen so many people talking to each other and seeking out others that they had heard of but had never had an opportunity to meet face to face. And I can personally vouch for the ribs. I could have eaten another rack.

The speakers were great.

Ken Semler (far right)
Ken Semler, President of Express Modular and board member of the MHBA, led off the Boot Camp with a recap of what the MHBA is doing for its members and asked for and received applications for membership from many of the builders.

Steve Kennealy
Steve Kennealy, the Dir of Manufactured Buildings for MA, talked about when and how he gets involved when complaints about modular homes from home buyers, builders and even factories arrive on his desk. He offered a lot of ways that these problems could be avoided in the future.

Norm Hall
Norm Hall, Factory Built Structures Industry Manager for Simpson Strong Tie, spoke of the importance of preparing for a strong home with proper fastening methods. Wind Shear, Uplift and Overturn can be avoided by following the proper fastening schedule per house.

Yana Billet
Yana Billet, National Construction Manager for First Guaranty Mortgage, explained the realities your buyers face in obtaining a mortgage and some steps builders can take to help ease that process.

Rick Wenner
Rick Wenner, VP of PFS Corporation, was up next telling us what a third party inspection service does and more importantly for builders, what they don't do. It was a good insight into what goes on behind the scenes on a modular home order and production.

Harris Woodward
Harris Woodward, Owner of Finish Werks in Savage, MD, a modular home builder that has adopted a High Performance as a standard explained how to add this to a builder's home without costing a fortune and save the home buyer real money on their utilities. My Apologies to Harris! He was so interesting, I forgot to take a picture of him while he spoke. I feel like a horse's arse about it. If anyone has a picture, PLEASE send it to me.

Scott Stroud
The final speaker was Scott Stroud with Lead Locker and Builder Radio. His talk about the poor marketing efforts of many builders and the lost opportunities of not having a marketing program had many attendees ready to begin their own marketing program.

These speakers presented a lot of information, helpful hints and a great resource for all attendees and I want to personally thank each one for their dedication to improving the modular home industry.

And I want to send out a special thank you to Steve Kennealy for providing a great venue and being a wonderful host and a friend of the modular housing industry.


chris said...

Hi Gary

The New England " Boot Camp " was fantastic! What a great opportunity to meet and hear from others involved in the modular industry. Finally this industry is coming together and it is because of you. Looking forward to the next one !

Thank You for all you do ....
Chris Pitliangas
Go Modular Inc

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better. Gary has done more to bring us together than anyone ever has.

Harris Woodward said...

I agree - Gary is a Uniter. Let's hope he doesn't run for some political office!

For all those that requested the Powerpoint on High Performance Building, I have not forgotten you!