Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Things to Consider When Rebranding Your Company

An article by Reed Dillon
Recently a friend asked me to give him some suggestions regarding rebranding his company. The company is a well known home improvement and window replacement company located in the northeast and they are attempting to move into a higher end market and attract and land bigger budget and more substantial jobs. The company had acquired a new storefront in an affluent area but was at a loss on really how to begin.  

The person stated to me that “the company had very good brand recognition based on their reputation as a small-job home improvement and window replacement company” but were struggling with how to remake their image to appeal to this new market.

I advised him that there are there are many different factors to consider when attempting rebranding. Below are some questions that I posed to him that he should be himself before beginning the process of rebranding.

  • If you are trying to appeal to a new socio-economic demographic has that demographic actually been defined? What is the behavior of your target market? What are their tastes, likes and dislikes? Are they traditional in their tastes or do they lean towards more contemporary …etc?
  • Is the fact that you are known as a small-job home improvement and window replacement company a negative or a positive in the perception of the new market that you are aspiring to branch into?
  • Are their things that you can capitalize on given your brand recognition and reputation?
  • Are you promoting the correct branding that effectively targets your market?
  • How does your logo, taglines and overall messaging target this new market?
  • Does your actual name reflect what you do and how is it perceived by your new target market?
  • Should you consider a launching an alternative name that more effectively communicates your service to this new market?
  • Who is your competition? How do they market? What are their pros and cons?
  • Does the content on your website educate, communicate and excite those who might visit and be interested in your services?
  • When people go to your website what is their experience? Are they having a positive experience? Are visitors finding the content that they need that will enable them to make good purchasing decisions?
  • What medias are you exploiting to be able to communicate who and what you are to this new market?
  • Have you investigated investments in photography, social media, blogs, and videography to attract and convince those you are trying to target?
  • Has the company looked at investing in some Public Relations? Third party endorsements can go a long way in garnering public awareness and changing perceptions.
  • Seeing is definitely believing, so if you are opening a show room are you willing to go first class. Look to examples that you admire and call upon professionals to help you. It is well worth it in the end.

This I know just skims the surface of factors to consider when undergoing a rebranding effort. In the comment below please let other know your thoughts about rebranding.

ABOUT Reed Dillon - Reed Dillon is the owner of Creative Brand Content, - a marketing consulting company and, a subscription blog service for builders. Reed has spent nearly two decades heading the marketing departments of some of the industry’s leading modular manufacturers and earning numerous national marketing awards. Contact can be made at or by phone at 540-488-2978.  

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