Thursday, March 17, 2016

Washington State's Greenfab Opens Its New Factory

Greenfab, a leading provider of custom, sustainable, prefab homes, today announced that it has expanded factory operations in Washington State to deliver homes more efficiently throughout the West Coast and beyond.

“The demand for our architect-designed homes has continued to grow to the point where we can now expand our services and production capabilities to better meet our clients' needs.” says Greenfab's Founder, Johnny Hartsfield. “We continue to focus on offering a simple process to provide home buyers with green homes that are beautifully designed, high quality, healthy, and innovative.”

Greenfab's new factory is a big step forward in continuing to provide homeowners with a fast, predictable and high quality home designed by talented architects and built with skilled craftsmanship. With the first homes already coming out of the new factory, and with a focus on net zero energy and smart home technology options, Greenfab is setting the standard for the homes of tomorrow.

For more information on design options, factory visits or Greenfab, email Johnny Hartsfield today.

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Isaac Lassiter said...


I met Johnny Hartsfield from Greenfab near when he first started in the modular industry. He is the only person who wasn't writing a college thesis that has ever called me up and asked me lots of smart questions about the industry. He was polite enough that I volunteered to send him a lot of additional information on being involved in the distribution side of the business. I noticed that he paid close attention and in short time surpassed (by far) anything that we had shared.

It has been very cool to see how Greenfab's projects have developed and the quality of work that they do. I have also appreciated their humble approach (from what I have seen) and quality focus on parts of the build that have substance...... in a world of Starchitects and over-built whiz-bang homes that are unattainable unless you are a jet-setting 2%-er.

Anyone who asks me will get a strong recommendation for Johnny / Greenfab and their work. The West Coast needs more doers and leaders like this in the industry.