Thursday, April 7, 2016

Morris Plains Housing Authority Turns to SImplex

Modular home factories are really picking up the pace of building both large and small commercial projects. Some factories are doing a good job and some are doing exceptional work.

Simplex Homes in Scranton, PA is one of the exceptional ones. I have been following them since I started writing this blog and they just keep getting better year after year. Their homes are great examples of true custom modular and their commercial work continues to be a star for them.

When the Morris Plains Housing Authority in Morris Plains, NJ looked at building a 56 unit apartment complex, they turned to Del-Santo Contracting Corp in Union, NJ and to Simplex’s Commercial Division. The design for this project was done by William Charleroy, AIA Architect, from Pennington, NJ.

This 58,259 sq ft complex began its life September of 2015 when SImplex was first contacted. By November of 2015, production began on this huge project with the first units delivered in December. The set began in January, 2016 and the last module was set on March 30th.

That may not seem like record time to those in the modular industry but I guarantee it would have on-site developers salivating. Remember, time is money in commercial development.

While this 87 modules project was being set, the developer had the trusses installed as the floors were completed saving an immense amount of time.

The Simplex Representatives for this project are:
Jason Drouse
Multi-family/Commercial Accounts Manager
Brittany Minello
Project Coordinator
Scott Siegfried
Project Coordinator


William aka "Little Bill" said...

Amazing time frame on this project!!! Simplex was fist contacted in September 2015 and began production 2 months later in November. How were they able to draw all the plans and get approvals in that short time of 2 months?
Anyway, looks like a very nice building.
Good Job to all of those involved!!

Anonymous said...

That's why they are the best team in the industry.