Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Builders, Developers, Investors - - Open Unit - - Ready to Ship Duplex

If you have an empty lot for this money making orphan duplex, I would give these folks a call today. This one won't last long. Located in PA, it can be shipped to just about anywhere on the East Coast or New England.

Two Story, Custom Built, Multi-family Modular House for Sale
·         Great investment property!
·         2 single family living units – semi-detached (total 4 modular units)
·         Square footage 1,434 in each living unit.  Total square footage 2,868 (entire structure)

Features include:
·         2X6 exterior walls – 16” OC, 7/16” OSB
·         Floors 2X10, 16” OOC
·         Exterior – Beige siding
·         Base trim – 5 ¼”
·         3 bedrooms (each living unit)
·         1.5 bathrooms (each living unit)
·         Anderson 400 windows
·         Ceramic tile in kitchen and bathrooms
·         Merillat Classic Deluxe cabinets
·         Granite tops on bathroom vanities
Gross Base and Option Pricing (including tax) - $180,000
Asking Price (including tax) - $165,000
Currently being stored in Central PA – ready for delivery
Interested parties should contact Greg at 717-576-1776


Anonymous said...

Who is the manufacture of this unit? Who is Greg and what is the name of his company?

Coach said...

I would suggest calling them and getting the details directly from the source.

Anonymous said...

I am sure this is a shell company of IBS. This unit was probably counted as revenue and not paid for so the company will need to dispose of it quickly before they are caught at the game of booking revenue without actually shipping the unit. Remember ENRON!! I hope the trustie get a good forensic accountant to scour the IBS financials.