Sunday, May 8, 2016

Custom Modular Homes Found Mostly in the East

Although modular homes can be found in every state including Hawaii and Alaska, the modular homes built in the Eastern US are the most custom.

Yes, there are custom modular all over the US but the sheer number of custom modular builders, factories and total number of homes built and shipped into the East are head and shoulders above any other region.

First we need to define a “custom” modular home. Almost all factories have a set of standard plans their builders can show to home buyers and these plans can be modified in some way to make the house unique. This is not considered a custom modular home. They are great homes but most of time they tend to look alike.

Ranch, capes and two story homes that fit neatly and inconspicuously into their surrounding neighborhoods are not the true custom that many retail modular home builders on the East Coast design for their customers.

When a new home buyer wants a custom, one of a kind modular home for their beach or lake front lot, their inner city or suburban lot in a upscale development or sitting on 40 acres alone at the end of a long driveway, choosing a modified standard plan is not even in the picture.

There is one major drawback when a buyer wants a custom modular home. It becomes a “one off” meaning the home has to designed, engineered and built on a production with special order parts and components that will slow down the delivery time and increase costs.

Just like their site built siblings, a custom modular home takes more thought and planning than just building a standard two story, center hall colonial.

Most factories across the US are capable of doing this but the ones on the East Coast are not only very good at it, they build a lot more than any other region. The East Coast customer expects a wide range of options and designs and if they can’t find a builder to help them, they will move on until they find one.

The good news for people looking for a custom modular home is the East Coast factories take custom in stride, capable of building homes with just about any option, design and desire the buyer wants. And they can put them on the production line and still keep a hefty schedule. Some of the East Coast factories can produce 40 or more modules a week with a lot of them being pure custom.

Yes, there are custom modular factories everywhere in the US but none can match the speed of construction and affordability of an East Coast factory.

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