Friday, May 20, 2016

Employees of Excel Homes Ask "What's Next?"

In a story by PAHomepage, which includes a video of how former Excel Homes employees are finding work in neighboring modular home factories, it shows the latest views of the closed Liverpool, PA factory and what the employees are faced with now.

Excerpt from the PAHomepage article:

'Excel Homes' near Selinsgrove started laying off nearly 300 of its employees a month ago - and then just this week laid off the rest.  Eyewitness News Reporter Cody Butler takes a look what next for employees.

Locks secure a gate outside 'excel homes', preventing anybody from getting in, including some 280 employees.

"That's it, we’re bankrupt, we're done, then it hit home, then it hurts a lot worst." Said Holli Fawver, Former employee

Holli Fawver started working at the modular home manufacturer 14-years ago as an engineering clerk.
Since her work place went under, she and several other former employees applied to 'Apex Homes of PA' in Middleburg.

CLICK HERE to read the entire article and watch the video


William aka "Little Bill" said...

Have you been able to interview any employees or any members of the Excel Management team? It would be interesting to hear the management side of the story to what happened.

Coach said...

"Little Bill"
I have talked to quite a few employees. It would serve no benefit to discuss publicly what was told to me in confidence.

I will say that many of them told me they are reluctant to look for other work because Champion promised them that the factories would reopen soon. They are going to soon realize this will take many months for the bankruptcy trustee to sort through and in the end the jobs they were told would be available may not be what they were expecting. And there will no longer be many openings at other factories.

Stephen said...

Wow Coach. You paint a dim picture for the former Excel employees. You would think the trustee would get this done quickly to help these hundreds of people back to work.

Anonymous said...

The trustee does not care about people going back to work. There job is to recover as many funds as possible.

Anonymous said...


Never a truer word has been spoken about this situation. Rumors about Champion starting these plants back up right away, re-hiring right away, builders getting homes right away. It all sounds very rosy. There are huge liens on these properties, a Chapter 7 company with MOUNTAINS of debt, and goodness knows how many secured creditors that are lined up with some high balance dues to collect.

If there was ever a chance that it would happen quick, it would appear that the ship has sailed. Anyone that believes it hasn't is ignoring some serious signs to the contrary.