Tuesday, May 17, 2016

MHBA Announces New Consumer Awareness Campaign

Ready. Set. Built! Modular Means More.

Well, our secret here at MHBA is out!  We were hoping to have our entire website redesigned and launched to announce our new Consumer Awareness Campaign (CAP).  But folks have been asking so we thought we’d try a soft launch and roll out the website now, adding to it as we go along.

In case you missed it, the MHBA board voted to initiate a new marketing program aimed at the end user in an effort to better educate consumers about the advantages of modular homes.  MHBA hired a nationally-acclaimed marketing firm to assist in the look and feel as well as the tag line.  After a bit of tweaking by our own PR Committee, the end result is a clean, professional, customer-oriented campaign:

Ready. Set. Built!  We think this speaks to the speed at which the customer can be in the new home.  Modular Means More provides an opportunity for all the positive qualities and characteristics of a modular home to be showcased. 

We wanted to avoid being defensive about modular and explaining what we are NOT.

MHBA plans to go on the offensive and put the site built world on defense.  We are not only as good as site built, we’re better!

This effort is in its infancy and it is a work in progress.  As we generate more content and case studies, we’ll post those to the site as we want to become a quality resource for potential homebuyers.  You can certainly help us out.  If you have relevant articles aimed at assisting the homebuyer in their decision making process, feel free to share those with us (we’ll give you credit).

And if you are a manufacturer that has not yet agreed to support the CAP program, what are you waiting for?  We are asking all manufacturers to submit $10 per single family IRC module to support this effort.  Those funds will be used to support this campaign exclusively and for expenses such as the marketing firm, upgrades to the website, and driving more targeted traffic to the site.  

As a participating manufacturer, your company will be listed as a “featured manufacturer” on our homepage for six months at no cost.  And your homes will also be given preference in our Modular Home of the Month competition.
So check us out at www.modularhome.org, and share your thoughts, ideas, case studies, and articles with us.  Thanks!

Tom Hardiman
Executive Director
Modular Home Builders Association

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Harris Woodward said...

Everybody knows where I stand, and that I don't pull many punches, so I'll swing again:

To those manufacturers that have not committed to the CAP program, one which was largely conceived by modular BUILDERS who this winter unanimously committed to paying TWENTY FIVE dollars per module, what the hell is your problem?

Seriously, if your sales managers and execs cannot explain the incredible value a measly $10/box provides to everyone in our industry, then you have bigger problems than a couple of whining, self-serving, myopic, cheap-ass "builders".

Sales Managers: stop caving to your lowest common denominator. Grow a pair (forgive me ladies!), educate and sell your builders, and get with the program!