Friday, May 27, 2016

Top Modular Home Builder Blogs

Blogs should be a very important part of any new home builder’s website. It has been mentioned quite often on this blog that a modular builder should have at least a two pronged marketing approach to catch the new home buyer’s attention.

First is a Facebook page. This is super easy to set up. People looking for a new home will find it. The purpose of the FB page is NOT to show nice pictures and interesting videos. The real purpose is to act as a gateway to your website.

Once there, you need to give them something to hold their attention longer than 4 seconds and one of the most effective ways to do that is with a blog. That combo of a FB page and an onsite blog can be your 1 -2 knockout punch.

So what is stopping you? Most of you say that you just don’t have enough time to do it but that is just an excuse for the real reasons. You don’t know what to write about, how to write and you don’t understand who you should be targeting. All good reasons but the bottom line is you just need to find two hours in your work week, then sit down and write. Write about a house you built, write about someone that is happy with their new home, write about how your business is sponsoring a Little League team. Just write one small article a week and after one full year you will have 50+ articles that prospective home buyers can read and spend many minutes on your site instead of clicking off in just 4 seconds.

Here are some modular home builders, in alphabetical order, that understand that the simple task of writing a blog works wonders for their bottom line.

Connecticut Valley Homes: Looking for their “blog” is a chore. It’s there, buried in the ‘About Us’ button down at the ‘in the news’ section. Once you get there, the information is good and useful but it needs a ton of pictures. This could be the beginning of a really good blog. CLICK HERE to read the blog.

Dreamline Homes: What could be a good blog but isn’t. With only 3 outdated articles, this blog could be much more. Dreamline builds some of the most beautiful modular homes in the nation and prospective home buyers want to read about what you do. Take a few hours a month and begin making your blog match your homes. CLICK HERE to read more.

Eco-Craft Homes: This isn’t a true blog but I really like it. It can be found under the “Media” button marked News. It has a lot of the features a blog should have. Tons of pictures and lots of interesting articles but because it is listed as it is many potential new home buyers are probably overlooking it. Suggestion: change the name to Blog, keep it updated and it will be a good marketing tool. CLICK HERE to read the blog.

Express Modular: This is one of my favorite builder blogs so far. It is updated quite often, has lots of pictures and videos, is user friendly and is accessed either from the front page of the website or from a regularly updated Facebook page. CLICK HERE to read the blog.

The Home Store: A good blog with not only pictures of homes but lots of unique information for the prospective new home buyer. Only wish is for current blog posts as the last one was in October 2015. CLICK HERE to read the blog.

U S Modular: Their blog is listed under “In the News”. If you are a modular home builder, this is a blog that you should emulate. It is timely, has some of the best pictures posted by anyone and is amazingly current. This is another of my favorites. CLICK HERE to read the blog.

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