Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dickinson Homes Unveils a Great New Website

I recently heard from Mario Santoni, the project manager from Dickinson Homes, telling me that they just put up a new website and I should take a look as it has almost everything I’ve been asking to see in a modular factory website.

Always skeptical, I opened it and lo and behold, it is perfect!

It really does have everything including the first of what will be many blog entries.

Take some time, watch the video on the Home Page, browse through the floor plans and make sure you click on the Tiny House and Log Home pages. Yes, you heard me correctly….tiny houses and log homes.

They also sell directly to the new home buyer through their two beautiful sales centers covering Michigan and Wisconsin. Their factory is in Michigan.

This third generation manufacturer of modular and log homes is unusual in its sale approach but just tell me you couldn’t live comfortably the rest of your life in one of their modular or log homes.

Congrats to Mario, the third generation, and everyone at Dickinson Homes for putting together a simply wonderful website.

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