Monday, June 20, 2016

Method Homes Delivers $1,000,000 Home

Seven modules were built in Method Homes’ Seattle, Washington factory and delivered to a very friendly to modular town on Whidley Island just north of Seattle. The 3,000 sq ft home is comprised of seven 14x40 modules and finished on site by JADE Craftsman Builders.

Anna Scipione, the homeowner, said the finished home will be somewhere north of $1,000,000 when finished. For the Seattle area, this 3,000 sq ft home is quite affordable.

But what makes the town where this so modular friendly? First, the county charges building and permitting fees of $65 per square foot for modular homes as opposed to a traditional build that costs $112 per square foot.

Secondly the building officials are pro-modular. “There are people that say it could be a form of more affordable housing for those folks who are looking for an alternative to standard housing,” said West, director of current-use planning and community development.

It’s also a much more reliable time frame from start to finish, said Dan Neumeyer of Jade Craftsman Builders, the general contractor for the project.

“Normally, a house like this would take eight to 10 months,” Neumeyer said. “This will be about four.”


Harris Woodward said...

Coach, are builders/owners really paying $112/SF for a stick built home? That's $224,000 on a 2,000SF home.

Seems a tad high when the permit fees are as high or higher than a basic home!

Coach said...

I just report it. But is is California