Tuesday, June 14, 2016

NJ Building Permits Getting Slower to Obtain

I just learned that some towns in New Jersey are slowing down the building permit process almost to a crawl. Not sure if it just modular permits being targeted or if it happening to all builders.

If you are a modular home builder in the jersey shore and having problems with obtaining permits or inspections in Brick, NJ, please try calling any of the following:

  • Joanne Bergin, Business Administrator at 732-262-2933
  • Dan Newman at  732-262-1033         
  • Mayor Ducey at  732-262-1240                  
  • The State DCA at 609-984-7672
Building permits are taking over 2.5-3 months if you are lucky and they are out over 3 weeks for inspections when state law requires three business days.

I can’t imagine the tract builders putting up with this.

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Anonymous said...

This isn't happening just in Brick. The slowdown is all along the coast and I have been singled out simply because I am a modular builder.