Friday, June 3, 2016

Side by Side Comparison of Modular to Site Building

Mike Shirk, owner of Hickory Lane Construction, a leading East Coast set crew, and a speaker at the recent NJ Boot Camp, just sent over a picture that should make every modular home builder smile.

Check out how much cleaner the modular jobsite is than the site built job.
Mike was told by DC Remodeling, the builder they set the home for, that the framed project started 2 weeks prior and on the day of the set the GC for the house showed up at 7:30 and the frame crew showed up at 8:00.

They didn't do anything just looked around then left after about half an hour and didn't return for the rest of the day.

Our modular project started at 7:00 AM, the crane was done at 11:55 AM, the roof was shingled and all the house wrap was installed by 2:30 PM

The home was manufactured by Muncy Homes in PA.

If this doesn’t make you happy to be a modular home builder, nothing will.


bill hart said...

nj ....particularly the not typical, in fact, its a zoo...thats why the mod capture is higher most all of know of course..

Ken Semler said...

I love when we set a home in a neighborhood or subdivision and it is beside of or near a site built home. The comparison is astounding to the neighbors. This is a classic picture that could be on posters for promoting modular housing and used by the MHBA and the BSC!