Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Foremost Homes Angering Builders, Suppliers and Customers

Over the past 3 weeks I have received calls from builders wanting to know if I have heard anything about Foremost Homes. I hadn't.

Then the emails starting coming in from customers wanting to know if I had heard whether Foremost was still in business as they are not returning phone calls and emails. Trips to their offices and factory were met with closed doors and lights out even though there were cars in the parking lots.

Last week I attended an auction at the Foremost Homes modular factory to see what was being sold. Lots of older equipment and surplus materials including kitchen cabinetry, windows and lots of office and showroom furniture.

Looking over at the production line while there, I saw only one module on the entire line. Three modules of a 4 box cape were in the yard ready to be shipped and I can only assume that the box on the line was the fourth one.

I also noticed 2 kitchen cabinet orders ready to be installed in new modular homes.

Today I heard from an inside source that people have been laid off and one vendor called telling me that Foremost owes them upwards of $70,000.

So I called the Foremost Offices (717-597-7166) and got "Welcome to Foremost Industries, at the moment we are not available." That was a strange message. I dialed the Sales Dept and was told the mailbox is full and could not leave a Voice Mail.

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Kevin Richman said...

Sounds like another IBS.

Stephen said...

Please stop dragging IBS into every article posted by Mod Coach. As a former employee of IBS, I am getting tired of it.

Coach, funny thing is about 5 weeks ago, Foremost called me and wanted to come in for an interview. They were still hiring!!!

Anonymous said...

IBS would not be dragged into these conversations if the situation was not so vaguely familiar to us. Lies, lack of information and lack of respect for employees, builders, homeowners and vendors is not right. They will be dragged into every similar conversation as long as the scars from what they did to hundreds of great people exist.

Anonymous said...

Someone should check public records to see if there are any filings on record. What the industry does not need is yet again one more sleazy, deceitful, dishonest walk away by business owners. And we think politicians lie? When these plants close down the creative lies told by owners to employees, suppliers, lenders, and customers is mind boggling. People are strung out for weeks and their lives are cast into turmoil by these greedy self serving owners. They make sure they get to their bank as quickly as possible to stuff their nests for sure. Its a shame and I have lived thru it.....twice.

Michael Ratay said...

We built with Foremost nearly 3 years ago, and they have yet to correct initial faults in their construction. Additionally, most of our windows and doors (PlyGem products offered by Foremost) leak when it rains. To me, I would hardly consider this "weather tight", however Foremost certainly expected their money. As far as I'm concerned, until the leaks are stopped, we should still qualify for the one-year guarantee. Of course, that's hard to enforce if the the company behind it is out of business!

John Trigger said...

I am so disheartened to read all the sites comments regarding Foremost homes. We purchased one in 1990 in Adamstown,MD and it was the finest home ever built. We moved after 8 years but sold it for top dollar...the appraiser even commented how well it was built. We had recently recommended them to a friend only to hear about how it was closed and the trouble that happened when it was sold. This breaks my heart to see how quickly something that was good was just as quickly destroyed. I don't understand people and their lack of work ethics anymore...shame on them...

Lee McD said...

We built our home in 2000 with Foremost. I'm shocked to hear there were any problems. Our home was and still is amazing. I just want to cry! Another affordable option gone in an industry so over priced that the majority can never realize their dreams. I, for one, am so grateful for Foremost.