Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Foremost Homes Factories Sold

The Upton, PA based Foremost Homes operations has been in flux for almost two years as the founder of the company sold to a Wall Street investor that apparently ran the operation into the ground.

The modular home factory

When Ralph Michael, the founder of Foremost agreed to sell to Daniel Gordon, they supposedly entered into a side arrangement where a third party was to get millions of dollars, which neither Gordon nor Michael honored according to the third party's lawsuit.

The Truss and Wall Panel factory

Gordon held a public auction and sold off a lot of surplus machinery and materials and changed the name of his company to Citadel Homes. He built a model home in front of the factory but rumor has it that the home was removed by one of his builders in exchange for bad product.

Now it looks like the the lawsuits over the building has been resolved. I drove past the factories and saw “SOLD” on the Real Estate company’s sign.

No information yet who is buying it and what they will produce but it would make a perfect facility for a company like Toyota or IKEA to use to serve the Washington, DC market.

One has to wonder.

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