Saturday, March 24, 2018

Two British Modular Factories Gear Up to Produce 7,500 Homes a Year

Ilke Homes factory, near Knaresborough just north of Leeds, England is open and starting to produce new homes. According to company management, Ilke has the capacity to produce 2,000 homes a year.

Ilke Homes being set at Keep Moat development

These are NOT custom built homes like one would find in the Eastern part of the US but rather row houses. Those 2,000 houses may only require minimal changes from one project to another. This would tend to make the quality of each unit better as the factory gains momentum.

Ilke builds with LGS framing and is having no problem getting developers to buy their homes.

The second factory is being completed by the insurance giant Legal and General just east of Leeds. L&G has jumped into modular construction with both feet over the few years and their new 550,000 modular home factory is capable of turning out 5,500 new homes a year.

L&G's new factory will be in this converted warehouse

They are testing their prototype CLT homes and plan to open the factory soon. They predict they will be able to set 6 homes a day with the same crew. Awesome.

British developers have been late to the party when it comes to modular housing but to think that just 2 factories can turn out about one third the total modular homes produced by the entire modular housing industry in the US is freakin’ amazing.

Here in the US I am noticing a few established modular home builders beginning to explore this ‘cookie cutter’ developer business using existing modular home factories. Maybe after testing the waters and getting positive results we will begin seeing more ‘British’ style factories opening here.

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