Thursday, May 10, 2018

Can Your Social Media Replace Cold Calling?

Cold calling in the modular construction business has always been a fool’s errand. Studies demonstrate that even the most brilliant cold callers have only ever had a success rate of 3%.

However when a modular factory rep cold calls a builder or developer who has been the result of some kind of referral or through social media, the success rate jumps to a whopping 72%.

Aside from referral cold calling almost every modular factory sales rep hates being told they must cold call builders, both modular and site.

However, the problem with developing social media with such vehicles as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook is it can become a giant time sucker. The payout of social media in terms of developing sales for both the factory sales rep and the builder short-term is very poor.

Sales reps and builders who spend their time dealing in the social media world at the expense of time spent on normal sales development do so at great expense.

What most people forget when they spend time on social media is the main goal is to drive people to the company’s website. Looking at what many builders and factories do on Facebook is a study in truncated marketing. They get people to watch a video or look at the pretty pictures but little or no direct way for people to actually visit the company’s site.

Some social media posted by modular industry folks is so generic that it could be for any factory or builder. That is definitely not the purpose you intended.

LinkedIn is the right place for factory sales reps and their marketing people to put up articles about what they can do to help builders and developers. It not so good for trying to get people to buy one of your homes to live in.

According to the Social Media and Sales Quota Survey, 78% of the salespeople who use such social media sites such as LinkedIn tend to outsell their peers. This simply means that your company is 5 times more likely to schedule that elusive first meeting if it has a personal connection via LinkedIn.

Another reason to use LinkedIn to get more business for your factory are all the potential commercial developers and builders using LinkedIn talking about all the projects in their pipelines. Sending and receiving invitations to link up keeps you aware of what they are doing.

Facebook and Twitter should be the domain of the local modular home builder and factories that want to showcase one their builder’s home. This is a one on one way of talking directly to new home buyers.

But no matter how you get the word out there using social media it all for naught if you don’t drive the viewer to your website.

Then you have to ask yourself a very direct question and give yourself a very answer….is my website interesting enough to keep a potential new home buyer on it for more than 2 minutes and visiting more than 3 pages.

If you can’t answer that question because you don’t how long they stayed on your website or how many pages they visited or your bounce rate, you really need to hire someone to help give you a complete website makeover but we’ll save that for another day.

Just remember that everything you do should drive potential customers not only to your website but give them a reason to contact you.

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