Thursday, May 17, 2018

Forest, Mississippi Passes Ordinance Banning Tiny Houses

Both the modular housing and manufactured housing industries have been following the rise of Tiny Houses as an “Affordable” alternative to standard housing but this new Ordinance adopted by Forest, MS governing body spells out in no uncertain terms that Tiny Houses and Tiny Houses on Wheels will not be welcome within city limits.
Look for more cities, towns and counties throughout the US to begin banning them even though there is a new provision in the 2018 IRC regulations for them.

Below is the article with some of the reasons excerpted. To read the entire article, click on the Headline below:


Most everyone has either seen, or read about, the very popular practice of repurposing utility sheds and storage sheds as a residential home. There are numerous television shows that highlight the growing trend of tiny homes, and do-it-yourself transformations for these low-cost buildings.

Some citizens may believe that this ordinance is directed at this affordable and highly popular alternative to building or renting. Numerous aspects about this new trend are concerning to Forest Mayor Nancy Chambers, but she specifies safety as the leading factor, “we want safe affordable housing for everyone and a utility shed is just that, a utility shed,” Chambers said.

City of Forest Code and Zone Officer, David Chamblee added, “we have been seeing more and more of these sheds in the past year.” Many people are “living in sheds that are not up to codes and not built for human occupancy.”

Chanblee went on to say, “sellers put features that make a shed appear to be a home but that does not make it safe.”

When a building, that was not built to be a home, is purchased to serve as a family dwelling there are several problems that the owner can encounter. The city of Forest, through Ordinance 465, is working to clarify those problems and clearly state what the city will recognize as single and multi-family domiciles.

CLICK HERE to read the entire article and the new ordinance

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