Saturday, May 12, 2018

Google Duplex Could Change Modular Business Communication Forever

I recently watched the CEO of Google demonstrate their new Google Assistant. What it is capable of is something every small modular home builder could use right now. Instead of a customer’s leaving you a Voicemail or sending you an email trying to make an appointment or leave a message, Google new Duplex for Assistance could make appointments for you, take messages and call suppliers all with a voice that sounds absolutely human.

According to this video, 60% of small businesses do not have a way to connect with calls coming into their office. And worse yet, the rate of return to Voicemail and email is abysmally small forcing the person to call or leave a VM again and again.

I read where a business with clients, like modular home builders, could have every client file in the Cloud and Google’s Assistant could answer knowledgeably when the caller or email sender asks questions about their house.

Service calls could be automated also.

Initial rollout is scheduled for the Summer but it could take quite a bit longer to fully implement.

Watch the video and let me know if you think this is a wonderful addition to your business or just plain creepy.


josh margulies said...

Yeah. It sounds like what it is: impersonal, automated rubbish. Just like Helena or Melba or Alexa! They are toys Gary! Silly cloud toys!

If you are building 100 houses a year this is still a toy! If you are doing 3 - 7, they damn well better hear your voice EVERY time they call.

Sheesh! The same silly tricks your phone does you put in a console in a manifold in a house. Like roughing in the house to be smart phone controlled. Yeah I get it. Questionable value added.

Conner Cole said...

You probably think Bell Telephone operators are still working the "O" on your rotary dial phone and your TV only has 13 channels. Time to wake up, pull your head out of your butt and actually start using your Commodore 64 computer.

For all you young people, those things are really old.