Est Modular Home Factory Website —- Simplex

Not having viewed modular home factory websites for a while, I decided to take a look at some of the ones I reviewed in the past and what did I discover? Only the best factory website I’ve seen yet.

Simplex Homes’ website has everything I’ve been telling you a successful site should have. A clean home page with links to everything placed logically, an announcement of an Open House on August 4th and 2 “call to action” buttons.

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The “about us” page has pictures of the founders, the plant and even good old Bob Vila. The Floor Page with a pull down menu is great especially the Brochure section.

All the header links take the visitor to very professionally designed and inviting pages. I’m particularly impressed that they have pictures of all the key people AND their email addresses!

Buyers looking to build a new home, Simplex would be one of the contenders solely based on the website and isn’t that why factories have them?

Builders that choose to go with Simplex can use the website as their marketing tool. It’s that good.