If the idea of building your own home has ever entered your thoughts, this might be the factory for you to call. They offer do-it-yourself barns, cabins and home kits that are designed especially for the DIY crowd.

Shelter-Kit Unit One
Unlike a modular home that has all the wiring, plumbing, drywall and cabinetry installed and finished in the factory prior to shipment to the jobsite, Shelter-Kit homes are bare bones projects with only the structure wood supplied. Everything else is an option that can be ordered but most people that buy one of their kits are looking for just the pre-cut materials and will shop for the rest on their own.

NEWSFLASH: Modular Home Coach is Now A Part Of Home Smitten

Why am I including them in a blog about modular homes? Because their least expensive homes remind me of the homes MK Designs and the Clayton ihouse can deliver and you all know how much I love them. NOT! And these people have been doing it for over 40 years.
Posted by Coach at 8:05 PM