Thursday, June 22, 2017

Modular Home Builder Blog Earns 2016 Constant Contact All Star Award

"I was just named a Constant Contact All Star for 2016. I want to thank my subscribers for reading and responding to my emails!"

Recognized Among Top 10 Percent of Customers Driving Powerful Email Marketing Results

2016-all-star-logo (1).png

Gary Fleisher’s Modular Home Builder Blog been named a 2016 All Star Award winner by Constant Contact, part of the Endurance International Group, Inc.’s family of brands and the trusted marketing advisor to hundreds of thousands of small organizations worldwide.

The annual award recognizes the most successful 10 percent of Constant Contact’s customer base, based on their significant achievements using email marketing to engage their customer base and drive results for their organization during the prior year.

Small businesses and nonprofits using Constant Contact’s email marketing tools are eligible for this award. Criteria used to select this year’s All Stars included the following during 2016:

  • Level of engagement with email campaigns
  • Open, bounce, and click-through rates
  • Use of social sharing features
  • Use of mailing list sign-up tools
  • Use of reporting tools

“Email marketing continues to deliver the highest returns of any marketing channel. Yet its ability to engage customers, drive awareness, boost sales, and increase donations isn’t always a given. It requires a balance of best practices and relevant content delivered through a powerful email marketing engine,” said Jamie Waldinger, Senior Director Corporate Development & Strategy, Constant Contact. “This year’s All Stars embody that balance and we laud Modcoach’s achievements with this All Star Award.”   

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Champion Quickly Becoming the Leader in Modular Hotel Production

The sleek new gray, aluminum-clad building at 3435 Main St. doesn’t look anything like its nearby midtown Kansas City properties, which are typically made of older brick.
Champ NE Hotel.jpg

But that exterior hides something even more different inside. For a first in the Kansas City area, an apartment building was constructed by joining and stacking prefabricated modular units.

Eighty apartment units, on the market for about $800 to $1,300 per month depending on size, promise another unusual feature: super quiet living spaces.

Each “pod,” assembled by Champion Home Builders in York, Neb., and shipped separately, was built with double insulation on the top, bottom and sides. Stacked side by side or on top of each other, that creates four layers of insulation plus two feet of dead space between modules.

Units in the new 3435 Main apartments were assembled after being prefabricated in Nebraska, shipped to Kansas City, and stacked/attached together before the "skin" exterior was put on the building.

The result: “premium seclusion from your neighbors,” according to the developers.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Google’s Moffett Field Modular Apartment Plan Hailed as Housing Crisis Fix

With rental costs skyrocketing and homes out of reach for many, Google has hit on a solution that may help it attract workers to the crushingly expensive Bay Area.

The tech giant plans to buy 300 units of modular housing to serve as temporary employee accommodations on its planned “Bay View” campus at NASA’s Moffett Field, according to a source familiar with the plan.

google mof fie 1.jpg

Experts heralded the move as not only good for Google, but as a potential template for others to follow as the high cost of construction combined with expensive real estate make affordable housing hard to come by.

Google’s move with prefabricated units is seen as a small but promising step toward solving the region’s housing crisis.

“That’s definitely a really great start,” said Wayne Chen, city of Mountain View housing and neighborhood services manager. “Any time we can find innovative ways to address the housing crisis is an opportunity that we really welcome.”

google mof fie 2.jpg

The Bay View project, which has been in the works for several years but plagued by delays, will consist of three large office buildings totaling about 600,000 square feet, according to a site assessment issued by NASA in July. It’s unclear when the project will be completed.

Google, which recently said it was finding it easier to hire people in Seattle than in the Bay Area because of this region’s sky-high housing costs, plans apartment-style, modular units at the Bay View campus. The company is also planning two additional campuses, massive developments in San Jose and Mountain View.

The Mountain View search giant declined to provide details about its plan. The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that the project will cost $25 million to $30 million, and that Factory OS of Vallejo will build the units.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Can’t Stop Now, I’m Too Darn Busy

When the home building industry is having a great year, most builders are too busy working with prospective buyers, new buyers and doing warranty work with past buyers to worry much about next month or next year.


What we tend to forget is the roller coaster our industry rides decade after decade.

When times are good like it is now, new prospects always want to talk, the clients always buy within two meetings, the orders are flowing to the factory, and the stress is down except for you have far more business than can manage without having to do too much work from home.

However. do not let complacency become your business partner!

There are things you should be doing on a monthly basis to ensure the housing roller coaster you are on keeps going up and never goes back down for an extended period of time. Here are three things you should be doing every month, especially when business is good.

1. Never Ever Stop Networking.
While the modular housing market are good today that could change due to factors that are entirely out of your control. Networking creates a business buffer by exposing you to new modular people and new experiences that you would have missed out on. The best part is that if you are doing great in sales you are able to network without the stress of needing to find a sale. Everyone you meet can become a long range prospect and not a short term target.


2. Never Stop Reading
Since business is so good take the time to learn how to increase your expertise in an area of your operation that is lagging. Attend a Modcoach seminar or go to an industry focused conference, like the ones from the MHBA and the BSC, that can add an additional line of business allowing you to get deeper into the wallet of your client. The value of the knowledge today may be minimal but as your business grows and factors change you may not have the time to dedicate to adding new knowledge points. Take advantage and do it now.


3. Volunteer Your Services

When you take the time to give of yourself you build relationships that long lasting and go beyond the day to day business activities you would normally engage. Helping by joining a committee for either the BSC or the MHBA. Whether it is mentoring to a new person in selling and building modular homes or swinging a hammer at a constriction site the intrinsic value is still there. Studies have shown that people who volunteer are happier and healthier than those who do not volunteer. Finally, there are many instances where relationships formed through volunteer connections can also lead to business success.

So while things are going well and the time is available, do some things that will pay long term dividends for you and your business.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Dickinson Homes Unveils Very Popular IRC Tiny House

Dickinson Homes, located in Kingsford, MI, thought you would be good idea to build a real IRC modular “tiny home” in a modular factory.  


Their Aspen design has a full living and kitchen along with bedroom and a bathroom with laundry.  

Aspen 3.jpg

It is built to set on a permanent basement or crawlspace as they are constructed to the regular residential building code.  Since they opened this model in March their walk in, Internet and phone traffic has significantly increased.

Aspen 2.jpg
Aspen 5.jpg

Aspen 1.jpg

The Aspen is our 601 s.f. take on the tiny home concept. Modern details with a monopitch roof and large window spaces. Open living room, full size kitchen, bedroom, bathroom (w/ washer & dryer) all under a pitched ceiling covered in western red cedar T&G.

Several factories have built ‘no wheel’ Tiny Houses so far and the last I heard they are getting orders from home buyers and builders.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Aging in Place for the Modular Housing Industry......Whine? or Design!

An “Aging In Place Report” written by Marianne Cusato
It’s time to elevate the conversation about aging in place. Forget about grab bars and wheelchair ramps. Those are elements of last resort for “old” people. And who wants to be labeled “old”? Aging, as I say, is in between the ears and old is a word used to describe how many years you’ve been gracing this planet.

Regardless Of Age, Homeowners Want to Thrive in Place and Not Age

There is a disconnect between the perception of aging in place by adding grab bars and installing wheelchair ramps—and the reality: that many design features can enhance the livability of a home for all ages. And there you have the first great point.

inclu liv.jpg

Making someone's home more livable is something everyone wants to do—regardless of their age. A young person, for example, can get excited about a kitchen that includes a pot filler over the stove and base drawers instead of lower cabinets, both of which make the kitchen more functional when preparing meals for the family. Likewise, a young urbanite who is redoing their bathroom can feel enthused about putting bench seating in the new steam shower so they can take a relaxing steam after a long day on their feet at work. It just so happens that the same features that help these younger homeowners thrive in their homes will help their older future selves do the same. It’s all about maximizing comfort, convenience and, as a result, happiness

“Improvements that make homes livable only for some (e.g., raised toilet seats, chair lifts, walk-in tubs) risk making them appealing to none. Improvements that make homes universally more livable (e.g., replacing lower cabinets with pull out drawers, large windows providing natural light), however, will make them appealing to everyone as we age”

If you are building new homes, either as builder in a modular home factory, understand the concept of creating designs for the ages isn’t just a fad - it’s our new reality. Learn how to create your designs to its fullest potential and market yourself as the leader on this platform.

Our Industry’s “Aging in Place” Specialist - Valerie Jurik-Henry

To help everyone in the modular housing industry understand how we can take the lead in designing and building homes that fit the AIP “inclusive living” approach, we already have someone ready, willing and able to help both factories and builders better understand how it works. Valerie Jurik-Henry is a national speaker and educator who has spoken at this year’s IBS BSC’s lounge and at several of my Boot Camps.

She is our industry’s “Go To” person for Aging in Place. Hope you enjoy her latest video:

Northstar Systembuilt Homes Introduces Newest Model

Northstar Systembuilt Homes has new model. 'The Huntley' is staged and ready for viewing! This home is ready for sale at a reduced price and can be delivered immediately! Curious?

ns front.jpg

NS Ranch fp.jpg

ns ranch int 1.jpg
ns ranch kit.jpg

ns ranch int 2.jpg

This home is built for practical use as well as for its simple but stunning style.

It is the essence of a wide open living area, combining the foyer, kitchen, dining and living room into one large space. The vaulted living area with the trap windows and double sliding doors makes a grand statement! With bedrooms at either end, the family space can be active while the bedrooms can be quiet and peaceful.

The exterior provides excellent curb appeal with two front overlapping gables, a bump-out and a slightly recessed front door.  

For more info and pricing on this model, contact them at:

507.644.6600 | TF 800.844.9845 | FX 507.644.6601 |

Westchester Homes Builder Day July 7th

The next Westchester “Builder Only” Day is approaching quickly. If you are a modular home builder and would like to see what all fuss is about becoming a Westchester Homes builder, you need to Register Today.

wchbo meeting.jpg

Open to Professional Builders Only

Thursday, June 15, 2017

India Needs 20,000 New Modular Homes a Day!

In response to the housing crisis in India, the country's government set a five-year target of providing 40-million homes for the poor. Realistically, this means that an estimate of about 20,000 homes would have to be constructed daily.


billionBricks, a non-profit design studio has developed an emergency housing concept that promises to transform the regular government-funded housing scheme, which is often a long process. Their concept powerHYDE aims to reduce dependency on government support by empowering communities to replicate solutions on their own.

The mere provision of a house is not sustainable because a family faces the additional burden of basic needs such as electricity and water, which they may not be able to afford.

Custom designed for the rural poor, powerHYDE ensures that when these modular homes are built, basic needs are met. The structures produce four times the amount of energy needed to function.

For example, each structure also collects 100% of its rainwater, cleans its own waste, and grows its own food.

This additional energy does not go to waste, instead, poor families generate additional income by selling energy to power other communal facilities. A cluster of 170 powerHYDE homes is capable of generating 1MW of energy, meaning that communities are able to form their own mini-plants and gain independence.

Since powerHYDE homes can be developed in stages, expansion is also possible and easy to do since the materials are prefabricated and quick to assemble.

Made from environmentally friendly materials, this billionBricks architecture solution allows homeless citizens to be able to afford their own property while contributing to an environmentally sustainable planet.

According to the billionBricks, the modular solution will be available soon.

Can you even imagine getting an order for 20,000 modular homes every day of the week for 5 years! Me neither.

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