Wednesday, August 10, 2011


You gotta love Bob Vila He loves modular homes and shows it off as much as he can on his shows.  Here is one of the best examples of the advantages of modular housing I've seen in quite some time.  Bob is touring the Simplex Homes factory in Scranton, PA and you can see the quality that goes into each home as well as the recycling procedures in the plant.


William said...

Is this new or a repeat of what they did years ago?

Coach said...

This is not you but it was to me and I thought it was one of the best examples of why to build modular.

I really try to keep current but Bob is my man and I like anything he does for the modular industry.

William said...

A POINT TO CONSIDER: Didya' notice when they picked up the sidewall they had their lift hook adjacent to a butt joint in the top plate and when they lifted the top plate bent at that joint and a crack appeared between the drywall and the edge of the plate.
Where was QC when this happened and why was a stiffener not put at the butt joint when they knew a lifting point was adjacent. It is these little things that makes a difference between good and also ran manufacturers.

Anonymous said...

They only pay the workers $12 an hour thats why the work looks bad sometimes