Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dreamline Homes and Excel Modular Build Another Beautiful Home

When it comes to custom modular homes in the New England area, few can match the design and appeal of Dreamline Homes. This beauty came from the Excel modular home factory in Liverpool, PA and just another example of what they can do for their builders.

"From the welcoming mahogany front porch, the details are outstanding throughout the new modular home in Wellesley, MA. This 4600SF home comes with an Open, beautifully appointed white chef's kitchen, fabulous family room, elegant formal rooms and the ideal mudroom. There is an expansive master suite plus generous family bedrooms and 4.5 baths. A bonus, fully finished lower level has a game room, exercise/office/bedroom and full bath. The lovely landscaping includes a bluestone patio. Every element of this home has been carefully selected for quality and with impeccable taste."

Living in the Boston area means that Kris Megna can build you that custom dream home. Enjoy the photos of this beauty.


William aka "Little Bill" said...

Great job to both Dreamline and Excel for producing and finishing a beautiful house. Every one involved should be proud of what they have produced.

Stephen said...
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Coach said...
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Kris said...

Kris @Dreamline:

I would like to keep this discussion board to the product at hand. Here at Dreamline Modular we work very hard on our reputation and supplying the client with the best of the best that our industry has to offer. Lets not forget all the work on this house that was on a local level as well. The factory is certainly one working part of this, but the floors, cabinets, staircase, tile, countertops, siding, etc were all done by Dreamline Modular. As an Excel builder I can tell you I have been working with the engineering department, processing, and kept in good communication with them.

Lets look at the positives in this post and the giant leap a home like this takes toward custom modular construction for all. This house is listed around $2m in one of Forbes top 10 places to live in the country. The amount of custom modular construction in the likes of Fairfield County CT and MetroWest Boston is such a wonderful step forward for our industry. If you can build a custom modular in the likes of Greenwich CT and Wellesley MA you should have no problem fighting the stereotypes in other cities.

There is just constant negativity in the industry and Coach what I do love about your page is you are fair showing the positives and negatives. I am starting to get the feeling though that so many are just looking at the negatives instead of trying to look at the positives.

In this industry we are all under the same umbrella whether we like it or not. A project like this and many that Coach posts are positives for us all. Lets continue to work together to promote this industry for what it is, which to me is the smart efficient way to build a home.

Sorry for the rant on this page! I just have read some of your other articles and comments lately on some of your other posts and it is sad to see so much animosity there is out there. Maybe one day we will all get along and this industry will start to grow instead of getting in its own way.

Harris Woodward said...

Kris - HERE! HERE!

I have been an ardent defender of journalistic integrity, which means taking the good with the bad. But the gossip and emotions and heresy about the changes in our industry needs to stop. We on the MHBA Board are seeing the same level of negativity and it's alarming.

If commenters need more information, go out and get it on your own. Recognize the difference between information gathering and blather. DON'T drag a perfectly good, positive article on Dreamline into the muck. Stephen - do you not know that consumers read this blog AND the comments as well? Your comments/questions effectively blow up any positive PR generated for Dreamline - and even Excel.

Frankly, if I were Coach, I'd be reconciling my intention to support this industry with the need to publish every thought that comes across. I know Coach will not publish outright slander and nonsense, but maybe it's time to consider some of the "thoughts" in the Comments area.

It's not my blog, and it's not my call to make. But it is my industry, and I respect all constructive comments.